Traffic Exists. Hitchhiking Possible; (11) Blocked slip road

What is that on the slip road? It was dark already. Something lying there? No, it seems it is a human being. A picture of misery. Some guy digged his head into his knees.I heard puling, while I approached him. „Hey man, are you allright?“ „Buuaaahhh, NO!“, he started cryng. „Whats wrong?“ „They want to kill me. Better go and safe yourself.“ Drugs, distressed, schizo, no clue what was going on. „Do you need help?“ „No!“ „Shall I leave you alone?“ „Yes, please, leave me alone.“ „Well okay….then….but….just to let you know, I would like to hitchhike here later.“

Shit. Slip road blocked. Poor guy, but I can’t help him. Especially if he doesn’t want to. I walked to the gas station and was looking for a car there. Sometime later another weirdo came to the ramp and they started to have a „conversation“. Weirdo 1 was standing in the middle of the street and screaming towards weirdo to: „Leave me alone“ Don’t get near me!“. The he saw me, standing on the other side of the road and watching the scenery: „Hey dude, now you can come and safe me.“ If somewhere is trouble, usually my inner mediator appears and I have to do something. So I started walking across the street, to look whats going on there. It was close to escalate.

Half way through I thought to to myself……actually….I don’t want that to become my problem now. So I turned around. The two weirdos seemed to become friends afterwards. They became even a team. Weirdo one was sitting on his backpack and still with his head between his legs, while weirdo two had a sign now and tried to hitchhike. Which was more like, bumping the sign aggressively on peoples front shields, while they pass by. Interesting technique. I doubt they made it.

I found my next ride at the gas station. Seemed to be the better option in this situation. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against weirdos, however fucked up they are, I am always up to help, if they want. But they are not the best company for getting the next ride.

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