Cherry-blossom in Japan!

sakura tokio

Cherry-blossom in Japan, while I was there. Of course this escalated. Selfie-Madness. But nice. Spring time in Japan is very beautiful. And since I have nothing more to say about this, I just show you some photos this time. Have fun!kirschbaum japansakura service areahochzeit kirschblütesakura japankirschblüte japan fotosakura tourist japankirschblüte tourist japankirschblute fluss tokiokirschblüte tokiokirschblüte japanSakura Japan nachtsakura tokio Sakura Japan reisende


  • Wonderful pictures me friend ( :
    Looks a bit like normal life, which is not usual to see while looking at pictures of this stretch of land.

    I wonder if you ask all the people before taking pictures of them … or is it just this normal to do so?

    By the way … how do you feel being there?

    Wish you the best!
    Tobi ( :

    • Heyhey, I guess it is both. People are crazy about taking pictures and even more crazy during te cherry blossom. For me personal it was very nice to be there, even if it was crowded as fuck, the atmosphere was kind of magical. Recommended!

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