Itse me.
Thats me.

My name is Stefan. I am founder of the first western european competetive hitchhiking club and fascinated by the hitchhiking culture in Russia, which persists more of adventurers that are hitchhiking. Hitchikers that are not hippies. I am also MA Organisational Psychologist, worked many years in education in the democracy antagonistic Saxony. I am connected with Leipzig and born in Frankfurt/Main. I am not a backpacker. I like honesty. I am a fan of participatory observation. I am interested in paths of life and related biographies. I aknowledge discipline and order as anarchie and participation. I dont like accoustic disturbance, when i try to concentrate. I love street food.

Since 2006 i am hitchhiking. Since then i made more than 150.000km, but i am not logging my whole hitchhiking. My actual mission is to hitchhike around the world and i mean real hitchhiking. No airplanes, no comftable long-distance buses, except i can hitchhike them. I prefer boats and all the other vehicles, that go on roads. I am serious. This is not a holiday trip.

My writing is orientated at Hobo father Jack Kerouac. I read his book “On the road” during my transatlantic crossing at the beginning of my trip (and thanks to Alex for this great present). Faszinated i am also by a German Blog of Wolfgang Herrndorf who kicks ass with his reduced, intelligent and sarcastic writing style. Rest in Peace. I will never reach his quality, but hes my favourite. And in the end probs go to a fellow hitchhiker. Patrick´s Blog gave me back my mojo during a period of depression. His stories are eaxactly how i wanna write. They bond from the beginning to the end and i want to achieve the same with my reports: Entertainment. The world doesn´t need a 1001 boring guide “tips for hitchhiking”.

For my competetive hitchhiking fellows i also write about specificas of the different countries i cross in my “Hitchhiking in…”-Series. Beside that i will do some analyze of hitchhiking sailing boats, the technic of hitchhiking at night, logging and documentation and our specific equipment. But this is geek stuff folks. I don´t wanna encourage anyone to hitchhike, by writing stupid guides.