Traffic Exists. Hitchhiking Possible; (12) The very best of: Police controls


Looking through the window at my side. To the driver pointing on me: „He has no seat-belt.“ Driver: „Ahm…well. There is no seat-belt on this side.“ Policemen: „This is forbidden, you can’t drive like this.“ Driver: „Okay, what are we going to do then?“ Police: „How about….a coffee?“ Driver: „One dollar for a coffee?“ Police: „Yes.“


Note: It is forbidden t hitchhike in British Colombia.„Where are you heading to?“ „Vancouver.“ „What, all the way? Well….there is a bus station, I could give you a ride to.“ „Nono, it is alright. I am hitchhiking. It is not far. One ride and I am there.“ „Yeah thats true.“ „I just wanted to walk a bit further, I don like this position. Maybe use the onramp over there.“ „You can walk under the highway pass. There is more space to stop. And you sure will find a ride.“ „Cool.“ „The guys from the highway patrol might give you a hard time, when they see you. I don’t care, I am not from the highway patrol, as you can see.“

Northern California

Two cars stop. „What are you doing here?“ „Hitchhiking.“ „You are not supposed to do that here!“ I give him already my passport. „aha, where are you going?“ „Seattle.“ „To the jail?“ My suit, my suit….. He checks my papers, the younger cop arrives and starts chatting with me. „Ah don’t worry, you are not in trouble.“ As if I would be worried. I tell him my story. The other cop comes back. „Hey Frank, this guy hitchhiked all over the world!“ „Really?“ „Man, I would love to give him a ride to Winters, but I guess this wouldn’t help.“ Third car arrives, which is very unusual. They called for the Sergeant. Now all three of them are surrounding me. Sergeant: „Where are from?“ „Pardon?“ He gives me a clap on the shoulder. „Where are you from?“ „Oh, Germany.“ „Nono, where in Germany?“ „Frankfurt.“ „Oh, I lived in Frankfurt for two years. And Frank, you also lived in Germany, right?“ „Right.“ Short chat about how beautiful Germany is and that they really liked Sachsenhausen. Then they suddenly all turn around and walk to their cars. While they go the Sergeant said: „Well, you are not supposed to hitchhike here. So….hitchhike your way out! I don’t want to read about you afterwards!“ Alright.

Special: The Mexican

„They deported me already 13 times.“ „Really?“ „Yes, but I always came back! They fly me out, then I go dancing, to some party in Tijuana. And when I am drunk, I go back.“ „So it is possible to cross the border?“ „In the past it was easier. But I know how to do it. If you do it the first time, it might be difficult. But I did it so often, not a problem. If they catch me and deport me, I just try the next day.“ „Do you have friends, that pick you up from the border?“ „Nono, my family sends me money and I take a Taxi to the Greyhound station and then go by bus. I don’t know why they still deport me. It is a waste of money!“

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