Like a god in France. Living at the airport.

For people who are totally satisfied, if they can sleep under a bridge, an airport is like the long expected holiday, you were looking forward to. That was the reason, why I showed up two days earlier at the Vancouver airport. I didn’t wanted to miss this opportunity. Someone told me, they have carpets on the floor. Couldn’t say no to that.

17.02.2016, 17:43

Arrived at the „hotel“. Take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable. The friendly lady at the reception told me, that the US-Departure area will close around 20:30 and will turn into an area for relaxation afterwards. Since this is a self-catering hotel, I bought all my food in a Chinese supermarket already. Got some rice with pork, sweet-sour. It is a lot, so I can eat from it all night long. Also got some San Pellegrino blood orange lemonade. All inclusive. My room-mate is sleeping. Couldn’t say hello to him yet.

Sleeping friend


Since I have so much food bags with me, walking around is kind of annoying. So I got myself a nice trolley. Now I can make a tour through my new home. Bumming around!



The lady at the reception is very lovely. I asked her for showers and explained, that I will stay two days at the airport. She was fully into that and told me where to go in the night, to have it quiet. „And never forget to look at your belongings!“ If the security will bother me? Not at all! They are used to people sleeping here. Let’s see if they are still used to it, when I put out all my camping gear.

Showers are unfortunately for VIP’s. The hotel wants 18 Dollar for showering. Fuck that, I thought. But the receptionist said, that you can use the shower for three hours. In this case, maybe tomorrow evening I am going to visit the Spa and spend some time there.


Fuck yeah, here in the very last corner of the airport I even have my personal plug. Another supply-problem solved.


One of the airport workers just came behind my bench, spread a piece of paper and started praying in direction Mekka. Good spot here. Isolated and quiet.


Now in jogging pants.


My personal need for privacy is disturbed. There is some guy vacuuming the carpets. His supervisor is talking constant bullshit. Is he really not doing anything else, than screaming across the hall how this guy has to clean the f… carpets?


I am really wondering, what the job of this guy is. Standing there. 50M away from his employee, with folded arms and does nothing, than giving stupid advises.


Sleeping time. My bed is made. A bit fresh here, but lucky me I carry two sleeping bags at the moment. One for the summer bag and one for the winter. Model summer will do it.

18.2.2016, 02:44

Seems like some people joined our dorm room for this night.

Sleeping friends


Breakfast. Cheese-Sticks with peppers and Avocado. Also some cheap cheese with it. I am sitting inside the airport at a little waterfall. Suddenly two sparrows appear and wanted to have some of my crumbs. Once I put a bunch of it on the floor, they were already disappeared.


The cleaning woman was faster, but now the little birds are back and have eggs on their faces. No crumbs here little stupids.


To be honest, not much going one here. But good to finish up some articles. Time for a nap tho.


Vanilla pudding. Have no spoon tho, need to eat with my fingers.


Airport Work Out

The airport boot-camp starts right behind me. Time to move on. Also I just found out, that there is a second floor in the airport. Let’s check that out. Seems like there are more carpets down there.


Of course here is a Tim Hortons as well. Unfortunately no hot chocolate here. What a dump. But I changed money. Had some Colombian Pesos and Dollars and now I exchanged some Yen. Without any fee. Nice bills!


An older guy is doing Tai-Chi in front of me. Seems like the big work-out wave is starting right now. I will go and get some kind of bowl, to make a good-old Indian type bath. Saw that the family toilets have a sink. Fuck that 18 Dollars!



The idea with the shower. It started pretty normal. The first two cups have been filled with cold water, but I was used to this already from South America. To my surprise the water turned warm after a while. Also I manipulated the sensor at the tab with a piece of paper. Since it was running all the time, it turned from warm into hot into so-hot-that-it-hurts. I washed down the soap from my body with it. I tried to let it sit and cool down for a moment, or pour it from one cup into another. Not very successful. In the end it was just painful. But „18 Dollar, 18 f… Dollar“, I said myself all the time, while washing myself.

But nice, I showered. Now time for bed.


But before dinner time. I still have some sausage, avocado from the breakfast, vanilla pudding, pita, naan, hummus, cucumber, chocolate bar and of course some San Pellegrino. Still three cans left, which I got to drink till 06:30 in the morning, before getting on the plane.


Four cans…..


Feast at it’s end. As closure eating some more vanilla pudding with my fingers.

19.2.2016, 00:10

Now sleeping time, after drinking another can of San Pellegrino.


I am through the Check-In. Still have tons of food. My arm hurts, from carrying my hand luggage. It is so heavy. But I got 20 hours in China between the flights. I am prepared for surviving one more week at the airport.


While I wait for the boarding and destroy some more food, I recognized, that I accidentally got my cans through the security check. Little cheeky friends. For that I got to drink some winners-bloodorange.


In the airplane. Someone has disgusting exhalations. Woah, get a grip!


By the way, I don’t understand shit here. But the have a nice screen with remote control, which is also a controller. Why did nobody developed this so far. We could have a massive LAN-party in the airplane. I would love to play Smash-Brothers or Mario Cart against the others now.

Controller Airplane


„Airplane Relaxation Exercises“ and everyone takes part. Hilarious


Change planes. Check out. The Chinese security control was a bit better than the Canadians. Had to give away my lighter and my scissors. I could have hijacked the whole f… plane…..

20:20, I think the 20.02.2016

Central China. Internet works…..a little. No Facebook. No Google. This will be a boring night for me. Only bright spot is, that my Uruguayan Plug seems to work here.


Relax-Area with canvas chairs and showers. Actually not to bad here.

21.02.2016, 05:58

Desaster. When I entered the plane yesterday, they gave us three meals till we finally reached central China. This morning on the way to the toilet I felt like getting ripped apart. Shitstorm as fuck. Sichuan Airlines is gonna be a culinary challenge. I think resign any more meals on my connection flight.


My last San Pellegrino will brighten up my day and my stomach as well.


At the check-in I see some people with cute little patches on their jackets or colorful knitted socks. You can see, that we are going to get into Japan. Sweet.

And then I checked out of my airport hotel. I did not eat anything else. In Japan the whole package of social networks awaited me. And now, I am finally in…..Asia.

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