Traffic Exists. Hitchhiking Possible; (10) Winter Hitchhiking Test Run

Tomorrow morning I will start a 4000 km long hitchhiking tour towards New York. There is a upcoming heatwave in the canadian praries, which promises temperatures about 0° for the next three days. I want to use the mild weather to begin my tour, before it is getting down to -15° in the middle of the week.

The tour is a test run for my big winter hitchhiking tour in Januray, which will lead me up to Alaska. On the one hand i want to have a look on the route towards New York and on the other hand i want to test out some strategies for winter hitchhiking. I will write a more specific artile about this in Januray, where i will explain my plan. Beside this i also want to see till what temperatures i can sleep outside. -15° shouldn´t be a problem.

My equipment is not complete tho. I bought a jacket, hat, scarf and some trousers in the nearby Thrift store for around 25€. This stuff is not enough for extreme conditions, but better than nothing for this moment.

But i have already two very important pieces. One is my handcrafted Vorov winter sleeping bag, which almost killed me already, while trying to pick it up. I didn´t had the chance to test him so far, as the lowest temperatures during my camping on the last trip have been around 2°- -2°. It was not possible to keep the sleeping bag closed in thos nights. Just too warm outside.

My handcrafted winter sleeping bag.
My handcrafted winter sleeping bag.

Also i got myself some Baffin Workwear boots for 35€. Good Canadian Quality with steel caps and for temperatures down to -100°. there are as big as my bagpack. Real moon-boots! I like them. Could be cleaned tho. But most important, that they are warm. I think I will have lots of fun with those babys. 🙂

Moon Boots. Winter where are you?
Moon Boots. Winter where are you?

I miss some mittens really urgently, but this has time till January. Beside that I am dreaming of a cozy pair of Polar-Bear-Trousers like the guys in this picture got. Arctic Hipster Style.

Warm Roads

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