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Hong Kong was so far the most difficult place to survive for me. Not much space, officials are very picky, rain, mosquitos… is hard in Hong Kong. But I found my ways. So for all you other travellers I make this short Hong Kong free travel guide. Survival instruction in urban teritory. I stick to the basic needs: Sleeping, Eating, Washing and Internet.

Free Sleeping in Hong Kong

First of all, camping is illegal in Hong Kong. If you find a place to camp anyways. I tried it in the University garden, which was very pleasent, because I had Wi-Fi in my tent. But the security was far from being amused, when they found me the next morning. 6 am control. The first thing I heard was someone saying: „This is ridiculous.“ They were really pissed. But I could totally understand the security, because they can lose their job if someone sees my tent. So: Camping in the university, no option! We don’t want anyone to get into trouble.

But what works is sleeping in the university. The same morning I found this hillarious 24/7 study room which is on the opposite of the main libary in the Knowles Building. First floor. You have also toilettes there, free water (warm+cold) and internet. Can be annyoing with the students a little, cause they tend to study till 3-4 am and some are pretty loud. Also they had flees, when I was there, so after 5-6 nights I stopped sleeping there. You should also be a bit inconspicous, as you are officially not allowed to be there and also not to sleep there. But usually nobody cares.

HKU Studenten HKU Liegen HKU Schlafen

Also good for sleeping is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. I found a stunning view on a rooftop of the swimming pool. How to get there you gotta figure out by yourself. If it is not raining or mosquito season, definitely worth! I loved to be there.

Hong-Kong Panorama Schlafen Hong-Kong

Beside that you can pay 17,10 hkd (~2 usd), get into Lamma Island and camp on the beach near the power plant. Vey scenic view as well.


Many HK people recommended me McDonalds as a place to sleep. I never tried it. But seems popular. For me the choice of sleeping in a smelly, disgusting burger chain restaurant or not sleeping at all is clear. I prefer rough nights.

I read about rooftops, that might be accessable and where you can sleep, but this was never an option because of the rain and the insects for me.

Free Food in Hong Kong

Free Food. When I found out about that, I decided to write that article. I went almost every day to the Sikh temple. They offer a vegetarian meal every day, the Langar. Delicious indian curry, sometimes with rice, always with Chapati and also you can have Chai Tea with or without sugar. I loved that place. I also love the Sikh for offering this to the people. The meals are fund by donations.

Sikh Tempel Sikh Tempel Essen Sikh Essen

Free Shower in Hong Kong

On Lamma Island you have public showers and bathrooms at the Hung Shing Ye Beach, which I used, while I was there.

In Hong Kong City I used the sports hall of the Sun Yat Sen park, where you just can get into the locker rooms and take a shower there. It is highly recommended to lock you stuff while being in the shower and not put it on the top of the lockers, hoping that the Asian people are too small to reach it. They aren’t. And I heard stories of travellers that lost their luggage while doing so. Lockers are for free. Enjoy the shower.

In general those sport halls are good. You can get a list here.

Just search the one nearby. Walk in like you would be the local table top tennis champion and head straight into the locker room. Nobody botheres usually.

Free Internet in Hong Kong

Despite in other places, the Starbucks in Hong Kong is pretty disappointing. You get a Wifi code for 30 minutes, if you buy a drink. Thats it. I started to like this company for free toiletes and free Wifi, but in Hong-Kong things work differently.

Good old McDonalds will do it. Sucks, I know, not as fancy as Starbucks, but reliable. It is limited tho. 4x1hour. You can also switch to Pizza Hut or KFC.

Also you can get in front if each HSBC Bank Wifi. Good connection, no time limit, but also no place to sit.

Beside that you have free govermental wifi in some places, which works good and reliable. F.e. in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. More specific places you can find here.

You might recognize, that the Sun Yat Sen Park gives you everything you need. Wifi, shower and sleeping place. Just visit the Sikh for food and you are set for suviving Hong-Kong.

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