My deepest gratitude to chinese people

Menschen China

Most of the people in China wanted to take a photo with me.At one point I decided to do that as well and take a photo with everyone who wanted a photo with me. Result was this nice collage of my chinese drivers. I want to use this post to say Thank You! Thank you for the pleasent time. Thank you for the nice rides. Thank you for your honest hospitality. Thank you China!

First ride in the morning from Wuhan

Menschen China

My nightlride to Urumqi. Bread and onions and visiting the mosque in the morning.

Menschen China Menschen China Menschen China

He picked me up afterwards

Menschen ChinaPolicemen who thought I am a famous football playerMenschen ChinaPolicemen who rescued me from the terrible service area near Yinchuan

Treffen mit der chinesischen PolizeiPolicemen who rescued me from the terrible service area near Datong

Menschen ChinaAnd he let me stay in his service area overnight

Menschen ChinaJust a random guy who wanted to take a photo with me

Menschen ChinaHe as well

Menschen ChinaFriendly truck driver who took me after my Bundesliga night and brought me to this nice trucker breakfast place

Menschen ChinaFamily in Yunnan, one of my first rides in China!

Menschen China Menschen ChinaTibetan trucker

Menschen ChinaThis nice lady brought me some food. Probably lung.

Menschen ChinaHere I was very tired

Menschen ChinaMy most favourite Tourguides!

Menschen China Menschen ChinaFirst ride off from the service area in Datong

Menschen ChinaRide from Harbin. He was on the road all night long and we started the ride with a two hour nap, before we drove off

Menschen ChinaNightride Chengde

Menschen ChinaPork feet and pork ear right before the chinese wall

Menschen China Menschen ChinaIce and she spoke very good english

Menschen ChinaWith him I go the soy bean cut and probably the most shining smile of Xingjian

Menschen ChinaAnd this lovely people gave me a chinese talisman

Menschen China

It is a great gift, that I received so much hospitality and I want to thank all this wonderful people, regardless if they are on those pictures or not. This will stay in my heart and shows once again, how beautiful people in this world are. Just: Thank you!

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