This is Japan

japan maskotchen

Japan is a weird country. In many areas, japanese people reached the next level of human existence. They value on details like no other place in the world. Little things that seem unimportant to most of us, but make the life so much better! Here are my explorations of japanese comfortableness. The photo series: This is Japan.

Little details in your daily life. Do you this? It is a almost unbearable hot day and there is nothing better than to drink this ice cold coke in your hand. You try to use the little opener, but it sticks to the aluminum like a baby to mothers breast and you lack of fingernails, can’t open the goddamn, time to go postal. But not in Japan! There is a solution. A little space between can and opener. Genius!

dose japan

You can buy single, ready-to-eat eggs in the stores. Never seen that before.

ei japan

Next level bike parking. Not a lot of space in Tokyo.

fahrradständer japan

Pizza is not served with fork and knife. That never worked, but nobody seemed to care. In Japan you get a pizza slicer. This is how it should be!

pizzaroller japan

I could write a whole article about the pleassures of japanese toiletes This is its own world. No need to do anything. You get washed, dryed and if needed, you can play some flushing sounds, without flushing the toilet.

However. This is my friends toilet. From Panasonic.I mean, what comes next? Tooth brush from NASA? This is Japan. Value the crucial things in life.

toilette panasonic japan

Tooth picks are not as boring loveless as in the rest of the world. They got a side were you grab it and a side where you clean your teeth with. Somehow sweet! And I found a lot more sweet stuff:

zahnstocher japan

Little hedgedog at the train station. Just there.

igel japan

Food that makes you happy and comfortable! Promise!

süßigkeit japan

Cranes to take with you at the money exchange counter at the airport. They are supposed to bring luck.

kraniche japan

Sometimes you got to take your bunny for a walk I guess.

kaninchen japan

Even mascots are much sweeter than anywhere else, allthough I suspect some hidden child labour here. Even japanese are not THAT small. Cmon.

japan maskotchen

Chairs get socks to threat the floor with care.

japan socken

And on the school bus is a lot of love for details.

schulbus japan

In general designers seem to have a sympathy for animals.

kondome japan

Typical Japan is also:

The earthquake-proof construction style.

haus erdbeben japan

Next level fishery.

fischen japan

Where is that doggy? I can’t see it! Well hidden with camouflage trousers.

hundeklamotten japan

Posing like winners, not like tourists.

japan touri

Responsible handling of media.

handy japan

And discreet use of advertisement.

werbung japan

This is Japan. And I love it!

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