Traffic Exists – Hitchhiking Possible; (8) The accident

Unfall Dschungel
Unfall Dschungel

The air-condition in the car helped me, to survive the omnipresent mugginess, which stressed me alot. I walked two kilometers along this curvy jungle street and was already totally exhausted. Everything was wet, allthough it wasn´t raining. The next 38km towards civilisation i was happy to got with this Pick-Up.

We climbed the next steep hill and another curve should introduce the following abyss. We didn´t go fast, but i recognized, that the car slowly started turning around. The car breakaway!My driver immideately started to scream: “DEUS DEUS DEUS!!!!!”, again and again. As if this would help. I tensly grabed the handle above the door and expected the car to overturn soon, when we get crosswise to the street. But the car luckily turned on. Firt relief, but we were still drifting towards the abyss beside the street.

I knwe at this point already, that we wont have a brtal accident. Mit hitchhikers-brain immediately took the lead: “Hopefully we can go on soon.” Don´t lose any time. We stopped finally. Standing half on the street and half on the abyss. We have been fortunate to not go down the abyss. And the car was still working. Just we couldn´t get out of where we stucked.

Lucky us again, my captain from the cargo boat, with which i crossed the Darien Gap, came along with another Jeep. Oh captain, my captain. He pulled us out, thanks for this. It was the first time, that i had an accident since 8 years of hitchhiking. We haven´t been fast, it was just because of the humidity. Unbelievable, how this could have happenede. I had to remember the accident i was discovering in the Amazonas. Thanks Deus…..

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