Traffic Exists – Hitchhiking Possible; (7) The Catafalque

Leichenwagen trampen
Leichenwagen trampen

There is not much in my hitchhikers life that didn´t pick me up so far. Cars, Trucks, Pick-Ups, Motorbicycles, Police, Police on Motobicycles, Emergency Cars, Diggers, Donkey Wagons, 120.000€ Mercedeses, Train, Driving School (oh i was working so long towards this), Top-Manager, Families, Mothers with their Babys, Beduin Tribeleaders, Sailing Boats, Cargo Boats, Airplanes (technically spoken), Dinghies.

But even smaller is the list of vehicles i want to catch a ride with. There are: Small airplanes and a hopped cargo train on it. Which pleasent surprise then, if i encounter something along the road, which i never had before and which is kinda special. So happened in Honduras. My last lift towards the border. When this catafalque passed by i thought: „Oh nice, i never had a lift with a catafalque. Wished he had stopped.“ And then, as if he could read my mind, he stopped few meters behind me. A waving hand came out of the window. I got a place on the platform of the Pick-Up directly beside the coffin. I even asked in the end if there was really a dead body inside and they confirmed.

Seems like i had my first lift with a corpse.

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