Traffic Exists. Hitchhiking Possible; (13) The new continent

Wurst in Hongkong
Wurst in Hongkong

What a wonderful day of my life! I gout this sausage through the customs! For some, this might just be a simple hungarian salami from the supermarket. For me, it is, after months of abstinence, tortured by American Analog Food, trapped in the hopeless search for a reasonable cheese, for me, this salami is a piece homeland. Symbol of comfort. Balm for my tired soul. I even would consider this hungarian salami being a real sausage, because it is the most sausage-like product I had in the last 18 months. (I am from a region in Germany which is famous for its sausages, so I am picky.

I arrived in Hongkong. Warmroads discovered the hidden landway to Europa! Basically the road is free to go now. Hitchhiking possible. I don’t depend on annoying flights anymore and can make my way home inedependently. But I won’t do that immediately. Too much fun ahead of me. And I have to say, the nearer I get to the end of my expedition, the less I want to get home. Strange.

Here is the plan: The next 3-4 weeks I’m gonna stay in Hongkong, because after New York and Buenos Aires this is a third city, where I would like to spend some more time in. So I do. because I can.

After this I have a exciting route to go, from Hongkong to Leipzig. I have now around 75.000 km hitchhiked and I wanted to complete my trip with 100.000 km. But that is not as easy as you might think. Hard to believe with this route, but I did some calculation and even if I would do a small detour and go from Germany through Murmansk (North-West corner of Russia), yeah even then I would hardly do 20.000 km on my way home. As you can see, the biggest part of my trip is over. Hongkong Leipzig is just the closing time leisure trip.

So I make a run through China and enter Kazachztan, before I go to explore the Chan states. Especially about Kyrgistan I am already very fascinated and an old friend of mine is living in Osch at the moment. I’m gonna pay a visit and explore the country. Then my Co-Blogger and Translator will pick em up in Iran, where we gonna stay fr some weeks before heading back to Europa. First weekend of August is the European Hitchgathering, where all the european hitchhiker scene is getting together. I will be there. What about you? 🙂

I just hitchhiked around 6 weeks through Japan and did about 5000 km there. By accident. What a fun country. Japanese kitchen is much better than my introduction might assume. But hey, even the best sushi is not sausage at all. However, I am very fresh and happy and I am going back to work now. I want to publish some articles about Japan in the next days for you! A bit special this time, I will come up with some photos. I can already say, that Japan was the most beautiful country I have been so far. Stay alert!

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