Traffic Exists – Hitchhiking Possible; (1) Gustav and Kuddel

Gustav and Kuddel. When they stopped for us, both were only wearing underwear. Bremer Originals.

„We stood ankle-deep in the water and thought it would be low-tide. Then the third wave lasted till our belly-button. Afterwards it was equal and we could go in completely.“

v.l.: Gustav, Horst, Hund, Hannah, Kuddel
v.links.: Gustav, Horst, Hund, Hannah, Kuddel

The Foto: Short stop at the holiday apartment to get new trousers. With us, caretaker Horst, who recently erected a wall. “Horst doesn´t know Sundays.” Also a dog which was “on pills”. Had hardenings, please don´t play with him.

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