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  • perfect positioning hitchhikingPositioning and hitchhiking
    Positioning is a very crucial and important action during hitchhiking. Wether where your position takes place, you have a better or worser chance to catch the next ride. It is one of the most important actions during your hitchhiking and […]
  • Menschen ChinaMy deepest gratitude to chinese people
    Most of the people in China wanted to take a photo with me.At one point I decided to do that as well and take a photo with everyone who wanted a photo with me. Result was this nice collage of my chinese drivers. I want to use this post to […]
  • Hitchhiking speedPersonal best – How to calculate your hitchhiking speed
    I hitchhiked several long distances (4000-12.000km) in the past in different countries of our tiny little planet. I sat down just now, for one hour and did some calculations of my logs. Because it is fun. On my routes through America and […]
  • Hitchiking Trampen ChinaHitchhiking in… (18) China
    It seems to become a rule, that countries which I have a strange feeling about in advance, turn out to be super awesome and surprisingly positive. So happened in Bolivia. And so happened in China. In case of hitchhiking, China is a very […]


Brücke Anden Höhenangst

Brücke Anden Höhenangst

I am Stefan and I hitchhike around the world. Sometimes I also walk, go by bike, do Trainhopping or sailing. I am just going home! All my adventures are saved in this blog.

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  • 02.07.2016, Sahrein/Iran; Climbed the 4808m high mountain Sabalan. Second peak I did in Iran in preparation for the Damavand soon.

  • 22.06.2016, Tabriz/Iran; Crossing the Caspian Sea and got a very warm welcome here in Iran. People are soo hospitality and I feel very safe. Waiting for my friend, who will arrive around Monday. Before I am going to climb a 4000 m high mountain. Preparation for the Damavand begins.

  • 15.06.2016, Aktau/Kasachstan; After hitchhiking around 3700 km in the last 3 days I finally arrived in Aktau and could apply for my Aserbaijan visa. This worked suprisingly fast and tomorrow I can pick it up. Then I wil take the next boat to Baku and make my way into Iran. Looking forward to this!

  • 02.06.2016, somewhere in Kyrgyztan; Instead of hitchhiking the Pamyr Highway I am sitting in a Jurte at the moment and preparing my self to go on a 2-day horseriding tour. Yesterday my first time riding horse. Liked it!







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