Smuggling parcels into Iran

Border crossings are always a bit special. Sometimes you get through really quick, other times it takes a full day. Always are people around doing shady businesses. When I arrived at the Azerbaijan-Iran border there have been those little parvels standing all along the road. It did not took long before the first guy approached me, asking if I would like to take one of those parcels. No thanks, not in the mood for this shit. What, you don‘t want money? Right. I just want to be left alone. Around three times this happened, before I actually arrived at the border. I was slightly annoyed already. Continue reading

Hitchhiking in… (19) the USA

Hitchhiking in the USA was one of the biggest disappointments of my whole trip. You think about Kerouac, how he hitchhiked from Denver to SanFran. You want to explore the root of the hippie culture. You expect the US to be THE country for hitchhiking. But this is not the case. I wandered many months through the USA. In the beginning I didn‘t like it at all, but after some time I became friends with this strange US-culture. Regarded to hitchhiking my opinion is clear: The USA are one of the most tiring and annoying countries I have hitchhiked in so far. Not recommended. Hitchhiking in the USA sucks. Which makes the country not less interesting. Quite the contrary. Continue reading

Zucchi – Memories of a Hitchhiking Zucchini

This summer I made the trip of my lifetime. I am a Zucchi the hitchhiking Zucchini. I want to share my memories with you. Memories of a strange and beautiful life.

I was born in the Lithuanian countryside, but moved to the city when I was very young. My father was a farmer and my mother a proud Zucchini motherplant with lots of children. I left my family, when I was six weeks old, to become part of a Tortilla party. Getting sliced into some delicious stuffing and feed some humans. But things went different. I made friends. Human friends. And they were going to do some strange thing called „hitchhiking“. I was invited. Continue reading

Georgian Hospitality – Why I stop drinking

Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces in physics. It describes that two things with mass always come onto each other, whereas the force is decreased with increasing distance. But gravity has unlimited range and can‘t be shielded. A universal law that describes movement of planets and the emergence of galaxies. Almost the same, fundamental importance for human existence has the following natural law: If there are Georgians within the range of vision or earshot, while you are having a meal, then you gotta booze. Caucasian Gravity Theory. Continue reading

Three days awake – Hitchhiking through Kazakhstan (2)

It was evening. Hitchhiking still worked well. I got a ride with a Taxi. Not the first time in Kazakhstan. A woman gave me half of a chicken and sausage. And then, it was already night time, I found myself in the car with Rassia and Russia. Typical crazy nightride. The road became incredibly bad and I realized, that i would have 400 km of that in front of me. It was around 00:00 and we stopped for a little snack. Russia insisted to invite me. After eating we dropped his friend in the next city and went of alone. Me him and his daughter. Continue reading

Three days awake – Hitchhiking through Kazakhstan (1)

It was a sunny day in beautiful Almaty, when I was going to start my next route. I would go 3700 km through Kazakhstan. Before I had to leave my original plan to cross Central Asia and hitchhike the Pamyr Highway. The visas for Turkmenistan, Tadschikistan and Uzbekistan would have cost me some hundred Euros and the bureaucratic effort to get them was a bit to much for me. I just don’t have the energy anymore to deal with shit like that after 20 months traveling. Another time. And so my B-Plan took place. Hitchhiking all across Kazakhstan and crossing the Caspian Sea with a cargo boat. It would mean I have another paid transportation, but It is still cheaper than doing all the visas and much less effort. So fuck it. Continue reading

Tribute to Patrick Falterman

I met Patrick, while traveling through Texas. Some of you might remember, that I hitched my first airplane. That was with him. I mean, it was not really hitched, rather he offered me a ride through half of America, because he needed additional hours for his pilot license. It is always a pleasure, if you come from a long trip and you can give something back. For me it was as well something special and it will definitely remain. My first Aerohitch, that was you Patrick Faltermann. Continue reading

Hitchhiking around the world

My cat, his name is „Herr Anton“, has the habit to leave home from time to time. Nobody knows where he is going. Nobody knows what he is doing. Just vagabonding through the world for a couple of days, until he reappears totally disheveled in front of the door, as if nothing would have happened. We are similar in this characteristic. Continue reading