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  • Strasse KasachstanThree days awake – Hitchhiking through Kazakhstan (1)
    It was a sunny day in beautiful Almaty, when I was going to start my next route. I would go 3700 km through Kazakhstan. Before I had to leave my original plan to cross Central Asia and hitchhike the Pamyr Highway. The visas for […]
  • boatTribute to Patrick Falterman
    I met Patrick, while traveling through Texas. Some of you might remember, that I hitched my first airplane. That was with him. I mean, it was not really hitched, rather he offered me a ride through half of America, because he needed […]
  • WeltumtrampungHitchhiking around the world
    My cat, his name is „Herr Anton“, has the habit to leave home from time to time. Nobody knows where he is going. Nobody knows what he is doing. Just vagabonding through the world for a couple of days, until he reappears totally disheveled […]
  • perfect positioning hitchhikingPositioning and hitchhiking
    Positioning is a very crucial and important action during hitchhiking. Wether where your position takes place, you have a better or worser chance to catch the next ride. It is one of the most important actions during your hitchhiking and […]


Brücke Anden Höhenangst

Brücke Anden Höhenangst

I am Stefan and I hitchhike around the world. Sometimes I also walk, go by bike, do Trainhopping or sailing. I am just going home! All my adventures are saved in this blog.

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