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Checking the trains.

Trainhopping – The Catwalk

There is a rule on the yards at night: be a ninja. Move silently. Stay in the shadows. Dress black. Don’t get fucking noticed….

Catchin out tonite

Trainhopping – Catchin out tonite!

Operation Night-Train. Catching out to California. This time I was better equipped. Besides the Cigarettes and a gallon of water I carried 3 Deluxe-Bagel,…

Trainhopping – Pure love!

Riding freight trains in America was on my list. Just another technique of movement, that I wanted to learn. Another ”sport”. I read a…

Truck stop

Mexico out of the logbook (2)

01.08.15 00:56am Five tacos for a Hallelujah, afterwards straight to bed. I sleep under a pigeon tree. I am covered in shit in the…